Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Plaid Jackets and Club Beer

In an attempt to brainstorm for a show called "Bonfire", all I could come up with was the memory of going to bush parties (yes, you read 'bush party') - for those of you who didn't grow up in smallish towns where there was nothing to do, a bush party is when a bunch of stupid teenagers drive out to someone's acreage or farm (belonging to another stupid teenager who's parents are away) and light a bunch of crap on fire. All that crap is piled into a great big heap of bonfire, and the drinking begins. Since I was a teenager in the 90's, the outfit du jour was a plaid lumberjacket style flannel coat a la Eddie Vedder, and since we were a bunch of stupid penniless teenagers we drank Club beer, which was the cheapest piss on the market.
So there.
An embarassing bit of my history.