Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Portrait Lab March 29

Portrait Lab March 28

Portrait Lab March 27

Portrait Lab March 26

Portrait Lab March 25

Portrait Lab March 24

Portrait Lab March 23

Still playing with simple monoprints, (lino cuts - are these considered monoprints?) I'm still amazed how much an image can change by switching out colors, playing with pattern, and layering elements while keeping the main graphic element the same.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Portrait Lab March 19

Portrait Lab March 18

Portrait Lab March 17


Portrait Lab March 16

Portrait Lab March 15

Portrait Lab March 14

If you look back at my Portrait Lab from March 8, I've been working (or trying to work out) ways to translate some portraits into a print form - woodblock and/or lino. Here are my first *very crude* attempts at lino printing, and I can say I have a whole new appreciation for this art form. I recently visited the Walter J Phillips show at the AGA, and was taken with how beautiful his woodblock prints are. It was inspiring.
Needless to point out, my prints look nothing like his. More like the inbred-toothless-distant relative.

Often around this time of year, it feels as though Spring will never arrive. It's snowing right now, in fact. And here's the *proof*
(sorry for the bad pun. but not really)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Portrait Lab March 13

A screenprint of March 12th's Portrait Lab, created by my Reps at Colagene...(this is a detail crop, they printed the entire image)

Portrait Lab March 12

Portrait Lab March 11

Portrait Lab March 10

Bankers Hall Campaign 2011

In February I wrapped up a really fun job with Juice Creative and Bankers Hall. I did the illustrations for Bankers Hall 2011 campaign, which included a train wrap and portraits of the merchants (see blog entries for Portrait Lab 4 through 19). Here are a few snaps of the train, as well as interior transit cards. The merchant portraits will be used in various forms of advertising throughout the year, including magazine ads, in-mall posters, Weather Network ads, etc. My first thought when seeing the banner on the Weather Network was "Why does that look so familiar?" Followed by a long "Ohhh!" More like d-oh.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Portrait Lab March 9

Portrait Lab March 8

I would like to try woodblock printing and linocuts, but am unsure of how to translate my work into these formats (design-wise). I've started to play with this idea on my iPad, making mock 'prints'.

Portrait Lab March 7

Portrait Lab March 6

Portrait Lab March 5

Portrait Lab March 4

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Portrait Lab March 1


Portrait Lab Feb 28


Portrait Lab Feb 27

More messing around on the iPad, trying to get a feel for this way of drawing. Still strange.