Friday, October 31, 2008

A month off, sleeping, and chocolate.

So it turns out that taking time off is REALLY good for getting the creative batteries charged up. Go figure. I'm slowly starting to realize that being busy doesn't mean I'm being productive, and that getting adequate sleep is important if I want to come up with good ideas and make work that I'm happy with.
I took a month off over September and October, and part of that time was spent in Los Angeles. I have a cousin who lives there and she's also an artist, and we cooked up a plan to work on a project together (which is top secret, until we're further along) and I'm very excited to start working on it. I have around 314 cousins (not far from the truth, I would count them all right now but I can't count that high) and I'm happy that there's one who is on the same creative planet as I am. One that I know about, anyways, there could be more but how does one get to know 345 people? I guess that's what French Canadians did before t.v., they had babies.
Anyways, during my stay we rode bikes alot (she lives near the beach), I taught her how to silkscreen, we worked on our top secret project (T.S.P.), we ate chocolate, slept in, made art late at night, went to the opening of Kent Williams' show (TRES BIEN), and borrowed internet from unsuspecting neighbors. I also enjoyed taking secret photos on the beach (hence the attractive surfer man) and visiting Urban Country & Obsolete, two amazing stores (more like mini museums) with so many wonderful old things in them. Oh yeah, and one day we ate brunch at a nice little cafe and Sissy Spacek was at the next table. How LA.