Friday, October 06, 2006


I took a 'silkscreening on textiles' workshop this past weekend and it was super fun. we learned about paper and mylar stencils, and photo emulsion (which was the funnest out of the three). I'm looking forward to incorporating this medium into my existing work. I have a triptych that's in progress right now, and the only thing that was holding it up was that I wasn't quite sure how to do the screenprinting part. but now i know. Time to finish that project. Pics of that to come.... The picture of the iron is the paper stencil, the flowery thing is the mylar stencil, and the birds and flowers are from the photo emulsion process. The birds and flowers are some of my drawings from the triptych I mentioned, I printed a small yardage of fabric with that pattern...good test. cheerio, k